network / Prof. Marie-Laure Bocquet

Prof. Marie-Laure Bocquet  is a Director of Research at the CNRS in the Chemistry Department of ENS (Paris). Her research is focused on the ab initio simulation of catalysis and surface reactivity, Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) images, complex reaction pathways on in-situ catalysts and inelastic spectroscopies related to the STM characterization tool. In 2007 she held a one-year Humboldt Fellowship to study (in collaboration with Munich) the STM & theory of epitaxial graphene on metal surfaces. She was the French partner of two European ITN networks under FP6-PEOPLE (06-09) and FP7- PEOPLE (10-13) framework and is coordinator of two french ANR grants: a “Jeunes Chercheurs” program (06-09) and a transnational DFG-ANR call (12-15) with a collaborative experimental team in TUM, Munich. Marie-Laure Bocquet spent a sabbatical year at MIT (2013-2014) within the UMI CNRS-MIT energy initiative program. Her scientific production consists of 67 publications in peer-reviewed journals including Nature Chemistry, Phys. Rev. Lett and JACS (H_index=27, Total Citation > 2500), 30 Invited Talks in international conferences and 22 Invited Seminars in international institutions.