network / Prof. Tuomas Knowles

Prof.  T. Knowles  is  Professor in Physical Chemistry at Cambridge and a fellow of St John's College. He received his PhD in 2008. The Knowles lab focuses on biophysics and biophysical chemistry. Much of our work has been focused on protein self-assembly and in particular in understanding aberrant protein self-assembly from a physical point of view and elucidating its fundamental connections with PMA diseases. The tools used in the laboratory include UV lithography, microfabrication, microfluidics and protein engineering. He has authored over 90 publications and has an h-factor of 28. This work has been recognized by a number of awards and prizes, including an ERC starting grant, the inaugural Cavendish Laboratory Abdus Salam Prize, The Harrison Meldola Award from the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Young Investigator Prize and Medal from the British Biophysical Society